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The Journey to Recovery from Sexual Addiction Make an appointment
by Rev. David Rennard, LCSW, CSAT

Sexual compulsivity and addiction affects millions of men and women, particularly with the access to sexual materials and other people provided by the Internet. This illness demands a premium of time, energy and money as obsession replaces healthy focus in life. Important relationships wither and personal health deteriorates as the habit grows. Spouses, families and friends also suffer.

Anyone struggling with sexual addiction can attest to the experience of helplessness and shame as they seek to grapple with this problem alone. If your struggle has reached a critical point, we can help.

The good news is that the cycle of compulsivity and addiction can be broken. A three-part journey to recovery has been developed which has a proven record of helping men and women reclaim their lives and relationships. Many people now in recovery testify to the freedom, integrity and joy of a life that is no longer driven by addictive obsession.

Part One: Establish Sobriety
A careful assessment is completed to determine each person’s treatment needs to pursue healing. Individual and group therapy helps to understand and arrest the cycle of addiction, prevent relapse, and address core issues that contribute to sexual compulsion. Additional accountability and support are provided through self-help groups such as Sexaholics Anonymous or Faithful and True. In addition, spouses and families are provided support through counseling and groups.

Part Two: Personal Recovery
A key factor in successful recovery is the establishment of a healthy lifestyle balance. Unresolved trauma or other issues that contribute to the addiction are addressed in depth. Authentic emotional needs are acknowledged and healthy ways for meeting those needs are established and maintained. Spirituality develops and deepens. People discover new energy and potential for themselves.

Part Three: Couple & Family Recovery
The man or woman who sexually acted out openly acknowledges the damage and pain that resulted and seeks to make amends. Family patterns that enable the addiction are addressed with the goal of rebuilding healthier families. New patterns of connection are practiced and established.

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